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New funding doubles capacity of critical, new housing service provider in Atlanta

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE: June 28, 2017, Atlanta, GA – Trans Housing Atlanta Program (THAP), a community-led service non-profit that provides safe housing and supportive services centered on transgender (trans) and gender non-conforming (gnc) individuals, announces inaugural grant awards: from nationally renown Trans Justice Funding Project and local private foundation, AEC Trust.

“Demand for our services is at an all time high,” Jamie Roberts, THAP co-founder and 2017 Pride Grand Marshal says. “Housing discrimination against trans and gnc individuals is alive and well. We are grateful for the funding and support of AEC Trust, the Trans Justice Funding Project and Frolicon to support us hiring a case manager and continue our service, education, and advocacy.”

THAP began in early 2014 in a series of community town-hall meetings of local trans and gnc individuals as well as friends and allies in the broader LGBTQI community and beyond to consider a response to the problem of disproportionate levels of homelessness among the trans and gnc population of the Atlanta metro area. THAP continued to organize to throughout 2015 with a core group of volunteers and in 2016 provided 50 individuals with emergency housing assistance, security deposit and utility assistance, transportation assistance, and other direct services, as well as dozens more to locate affordable housing services and access as well as education and advice about housing law and the eviction process.

“We’re grateful to AEC Trust, the Trans Justice Funding Project, and Frolicon for awarding THAP this very important funding” Tracee McDaniel, THAP co-founder explains, “…because it well help us provide emergency and transitional housing to trans and gnc people and possibly save someone’s life.”

THAP also collaborates with other nonprofit advocacy organizations, such as Georgia Equality and Project Affirm to do research and document the experiences of trans and gnc individuals who attempt to access homeless shelters in the greater Atlanta metropolitan region. “We are excited to be working with THAP to better understand the landscape within our shelter system,” Emily Brown, Georgia Equality Field Organizer, says. “We look forward to doing a robust study and sharing the findings publicly for the benefit of the wider community.”

THAP is a co-operative housing organization operated by its Members.




Justine Ingram, THAP’s new Case Manager