What We Do

We provide direct assistance/resources for individuals experiencing homelessness. Our services are majority centered towards those who are transgender and gender non-conforming.

Resources We Provide

1. Sponsorship for housing causes (rent, housing app fees, utility payments etc.)

a. Up to $300 per person, per year.

b. Sponsorship is based off of approval

c. Sponsorship is based off of availability of funds

2. Emergency Housing Assistance

a. In the event that you are in an immediate

crisis please call the helpline at 404-458-7948.

b. THAP phone calls are limited to crisis situations and business related concerns only. All other requests for services will be directed to the THAP Assistance Request Form listed below.

3. Food voucher for up to $20.

4.  Linkage to care for mental health resources, job placement resources, and housing resources. All whom center the transgender and gender non-conforming community.


To be considered for any of the resources listed above please complete the form below!

THAP Assistance Request Form

Our part-time case manager will then reach out to you to complete in-take and then advise of next steps!

We are currently have an ongoing capital campaign to raise funds for our own brick and mortar to continue to aide in reducing homelessness in the metro-Atlanta and surrounding areas. There’s never a better time to DONATE!